Stock Footage

Gulliver Media Australia has an extensive stock footage library that holds both excellent HD footage as well as Digibeta, SX and film sequences. For any queries contact us at to discuss your needs.


Australian Wildlife (HD and non HD)

Koalas – feeding, mating, rearing young
Kangaroos (Reds, Greys) – feeding, mating, rearing young
Yellow footed Rock Wallaby – feeding, with young
Bilbies – feeding, with young
Flying fox – wild colony, feeding/drinking flights, with young
Loggerhead turtles – nesting, laying, feeding, residents on reefs
Green turtles – mating, nesting, laying, feeding, residents on reefs
Crown of Thorn Starfish – reef destruction, life cycle

Australian Environments (HD and non HD)

Aerials – Weipa, Far North Queensland coastline, Heron Island, Brisbane River
Rain forest – canopy, bird life, insects, waterfalls, flora
Desert – Currawinya National Park, Pilbara, wildlife, flora
Island – pristine island beaches, bird life, insects, wildlife, flora
East coast Queensland – country towns, cane fields, rivers, wildlife, flora

China (HD)

Inner Mongolia – grasslands, goat farming, Xilinhot township and surrounds, street scenes, school, classroom
Hefei, Anhui Province – street scenes, high city shots, dog market, Lord Bao tomb
Beijing – City shots, Forbidden City, Hutongs, large supermarket, suburbs
Shanghai – City shots, The Bund, shopping complexes, suburbs
Shexian County (Southern Anhui) – city and surrounds, canola crops, rivers, temples, tea growing, Hui architecture, Hui village life (extensive)
Anyang, Henan Province – Fu Hao tomb (extensive)

Underwater (HD)

Lady Elliot/Heron Islands – green turtles, loggerhead turtles, manta ray, cleaning station, reef life
Julian Rocks– loggerhead turtles
North Queensland – crown of thorns starfish (extensive)
Heron Island – coral bleaching

Rare Animal Behaviour (HD)

  • Male Loggerhead turtle eating clams
  • Female Loggerhead turtle searching for sea urchins
  • Female Loggerhead turtle chasing male from feeding ground
  • Male Loggerhead turtles fighting over territory
  • Bilbies feeding on grasshoppers (night)
  • Flying fox wild colony – mating, rearing young, feeding flights, drinking in flight